Transition Module

Supporting Transitions of Assistive Technology Users


The contents of this module focus on planning for students who use assistive technology (AT) as they move to new placements or settings. The module begins with the assumption that IEP teams, which are referred to as Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committees in Texas, have already determined that a student with a disability requires AT and that the student has been using that AT in the current educational setting. Although the principles of AT transitions included in this session are directly related to the transition planning that is a requirement for students 16 and older in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004), the processes and strategies discussed are generally appropriate for transitions of AT users at any age. The information and processes included in this module are not specific to the State of Texas and can be used with little or no change across the United States and beyond. The presentation is intended for people who are (or will be) involved in transition planning for students who use AT.


Participants will learn about:

  • State and federal legal requirements for transition planning
  • Major aspects of AT transition including the following:
    • AT skills for independence
    • Self-determination skills
    • Transition planning


Presenter Materials:

Presentation Slides
Presenter Notes


Participant Materials:

Notetaking Guide
Supplementary Handout
Legal Issues worksheet
Student Planning guide


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William's 2004 Interview
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Kate's Directors Intro
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Kate: Air I Fly
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Kate: After HS
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Kate: Self Determined
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William's 2008 Interview
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