Legal Module

Providing Assistive Technology: A Legal Perspective


The module provides a comprehensive review of the statutory and regulatory provisions that govern the provision of AT, as well as case law. The legal perspective module was developed so that educators, parents and other related stakeholders might better understand district responsibility to provide AT to students when needed as a part of a free appropriate public education.


  • Provides a basic foundation for understanding and complying with legal statutes and regulations that govern the provision of AT
  • Can be used by staff developers and educators to train those involved in the provision of AT devices and services such as educators, administrators, and parents
  • Is a downloadable set of presentation documents and participant handouts


  1. Federal and state statutes, regulations, and policy related to AT
  2. Legal guidance through case law examples on specific AT issues such as:
  • Consideration of AT needs
  • AT evaluations
  • Ownership and repair of AT devices
  • At-home AT devices
  • Personal AT devices
  • Medically related AT devices and services
  • Copyright law concerns


Presenter Materials:

Presentation Slides
Presenter Notes


Participant Materials:

Notetaking Guide
Resource Guide

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