Evaluation Module

Assistive Technology Evaluations: A Team Perspective

REVISED! [Spring 2013]


This module is intended for personnel and teams who are or will be participating in assistive technology (AT) evaluations.



The scope of this training session focuses on the AT evaluation that may be a part of the services provided to a student who has already qualified to receive special education services under the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. There are, however, other circumstances in which an AT evaluation would be conducted (for example, as part of a 504 plan).


Participants will learn about:

  • Legal issues related to AT evaluations
  • Purpose and expected results of an AT evaluation
  • Preparing for an AT evaluation
  • Conducting a Dynamic Assistive Technology Evaluation (DATE)
  • Reporting the results of an AT evaluation


Presenter Materials:

Presentation Slides
Presenter Notes
Supporting Research and Literature
Case Study Materials


Participant Materials:

Notetaking Guide
Supplementary Handouts
The Dynamic AT Evaluation (DATE) Collaborative Worksheet

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