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Due to our partnership with other State Leads in Assistive Technology in Education, OCALI (Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence) has made available their online webinars.
OCALI Webinars can be found here

TATN hosted Webinars

webinartatn2015largeAll webinars have been conducted through the TATN with network members and national speakers. All webinars will begin at 11:30 am (central) and end at 12:30 pm. Please register at Region 4 with the corresponding Session ID, if you want to receive 1 hour credit for the session. We will not offer ASHA or other CEUs for these events. You can also join us that day... check back here for the link in the title to give you access to the webinar that morning. 

Please note: All webinars will be on mute mode. Please use the chat window for any questions, comments or resources.  Also, all webinars will be closed captioned in real time through the CC Blackboard feature.  If you are having trouble with not hearing the audio in the recorded sessions, go to the tagline below to view a trouble shooting guide.
Trouble Shooting guide
Recorded webinar to help you with your configuration and set up of you computer system
Pre-configure your computer here!

pleasenoteClick on the TITLE OF THE WEBINAR in order to gain access to the LIVE OR RECORDED SESSION.



Upcoming Live Webinars

Strategies and Tips for Implementing Apps for Communication and Language (part 2)



Date: January 06, 2016 (Wednesday)

Session ID: 1197476
Description: This webinar, part 2 of 2, will demonstrate customization of communication systems for access, custom vocabulary and ease of use.
Presenter: Darren Avey, Assistive Technology Specialist
download recording

Strategies and Tips for Implementing Apps for Communication and Language (part 1)

tabletsDate: November 18 (Wednesday) 
Session ID: 1197474 
Description: This webinar, part 1 of 2, will describe the basic functions and setup of Proloquo2go and similar communication apps and how to engage students in communication throughout their daily routine.
Presenter: Darren Avey, Assistive Technology Specialist
Recording link
Proloquo2go backup to dropbox
AAC Apps outline

State AT Agency Collaborative

During the 2015-2016 school year, TATN along with the UDL Center at OCALI, and in collaboration with Michigan (MITS), Indiana (PATINS), Maryland (MATN) and Minnesota Department of Education will host a series of live webinars.
Webinars listing on OCALI Website



Recorded Webinars

Recorded webinars are available through Blackboard Collaborate. Simply click on the title of the webinar you want to view and open the "nativeplayback.jnlp" file.
Handout presentation


Improving Reading Results Utilizing Web-based Technology

news20computerDate: October 27
Description: Review this webinar to explore Interactive tools which improve reading scores for students in grades 3-8. Lessons, tools, and outcomes for supporting data driven decision making. Webinar will focus on supporting diverse learning needs targeting key instructional terms.
Presenter: Lauren Stafford, Monarch Technologies
Handout Presentation
Webinar transcript


Adapting Grade Appropriate Texts

booktextFebruary 09, 2015
Participants will learn how to make adapt grade level texts utilizing online resources to paraphrase text and reduce the complexity of vocabulary. Discussion will also include visual and sensory supports to augment comprehension to make complex text accessible to learners with disabilities.
Presenter: Kimberly Cook, Access Curriculum Together, LLC.



Alternative Access to Mobile Devices

tabletsJanuary 15, 2015
Tablet technology and mobile devices are everywhere! While accessing these devices is simple for some - some individuals need alternative access solutions. This session will focus on accessibility features (built-in and available for purchase) as well as an array of hardware solutions to increase access to these everyday electronic tools.
Presenter: Mike Marotta, ATP, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC.
Handout/Notetaking Guide


Jigs & Gadgets: DIY Assistive Technology

toolboxRecorded Session now available!
Learn about materials you can use to create jigs and gadgets to improve student access in the classroom. Find out how to use polymorph, corrugated plastic, Uglu, loc line, silicone tape and much more!
Presenter: Tricia Peters, OTR, ATP, Education Specialist, Region 4 ESC
Handout/Notetaking Guide


Braille and Tactile Graphics Update 

braillefingerDecember 4, 2014
This session gives an overview of what’s new in the world of Braille and Tactile Graphics. Recent policy and practices are addressed, as well as possible new tools and strategies to provide best practices within Braille and Tactile Graphics.

Presenter: Cecilia Robinson, Education Specialist, Region 4 Education Service Center

1 Implementation of UEB
2 ABCs of the UEB
3 Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics
4 Texas UEB Resources OU
5 UEB Braille Symbols and Indicators List


Google Chrome as Assistive Technology

googlePresented on October 28, 2014
Did you know that 22% of US schools now use Chromebooks for students to complete tasks. How does this impact struggling students? In this webinar, we will explore an array of Google Chrome apps and extensions that could be beneficial to ALL students. By leveraging the power of this common browser, we can make significant customization to meet the needs of struggling students. Areas covered will include: reading, writing, brainstorming, and organization.
Weblink for presentation: http://mmatp.com/chromeAT/
Presenter: Mike Marotta, ATP, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC



Top 10 Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Intervention Strategies

aacwordlePresented on October 15, 2014
AAC intervention can be overwhelming. Explore a beginner’s list of top 10 best strategies to get students communicating. Speech pathologists, teachers and parents call all use these techniques in natural environments, direct language/AAC instruction, and academic instruction settings.

Presented by: Angela Standridge, CCC-SLP, ATP, Education Specialist Region 4 ESC

Handouts for this session:
Top 10 AAC Intervention
Strategies slides Normal Lauguage Dev, Generative Language & AAC (Van Tatenhove)
Objective Opportunity Chart

AAC Kids http://aackids.psu.edu/index.php/page/show/id/14  
AAC and Literacy http://aacliteracy.psu.edu  
Center for Literacy and Disability Studies https://www.med.unc.edu/ahs/clds/  
Gail VanTatenhove http://www.vantatenhove.com  
AAC Intervention http://www.aacintervention.com  
Practical AAC http://praacticalaac.org  
YAACK http://aac.unl.edu/yaack/
Communication Supports Inventory http://icfcy.org/aac



Inclusion Addict! – Universal Design for Learning Tools and Apps

learnkeyboardPresented on September 16, 2014
Remake and rebuild your classroom so every student participates, learns and succeeds. It’s time to tear down those barriers and construct a new framework for your students. This fast-paced webinar will briefly review Universal Design for Learning, and then, fill your classroom “tool belt” with cool Web 2.0 tools and apps that will help you build an environment that supports and encourages each learner.
Presented by: Donna McLauchlin, CCC-SLP, Education Specialist, Region 4 ESC
To view transcripts, click here.


AIM in Action: Acquiring Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) for all Students
natl20aimPresented on March 26, 2014
All students need learning materials that are accessible and useful to them in order to participate and achieve in the general curriculum. Districts face many challenges in ensuring that not only print instructional materials but also digital materials are accessible. Did you know that not all digital materials are accessible and that it is difficult or impossible to retrofit these materials to increase accessibility? Join us for a lively discussion about the issues, both at policy and practical levels. Hear about actions being taken nationally and in Texas to facilitate getting accessible learning materials into the hands of the students who need them.
Joy Zabala, Ed.D., Director of Technical Assistance at CAST
Diana Foster Carl, Independent Consultant and former Special Education Director, Region 4
Kirk Behnke, Lead, Texas Assistive Technology Network


Tablet Computers = Success for Struggling Students

tablets1Presented on September 17, 2013
With the explosion of portable tablet based computers comes an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of our struggling students. But….not every tablet is right for every student’s needs. Join us as we discuss features of these mobile devices and how to match them to your student’s needs. Resources will be provided to continue the learning after the webinar.
Presented by Mike Marotta, Inclusive Technology Soutions, LLC

Go to http://bit.ly/Rec_Tablets to play the recorded session now.
Accompanying content website is http://www.tablets4students.wikispaces.com

Tablet Computers Transcript (text)
Tablet Computers Transcript (PDF)

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