TATN Conferences Audio Podcasts
Audio podcasts interviews from the past TATN Statewide Conferences

TATN Conference 2016 podcast page
Speakers include: Alaine Hinds, Beth Poss, Brad Turner, Debbie Gonzalez and Brent Pitt, Eric Damery, Kelly Fonner, Kirk Behnke, Larry Lewis, Olivia Raines, Pat Ourand.

TATN Conference 2015 podcast page
Speakers include: Rudinger, Furler, Rose, Wilkinson, Bradburn, Rosette, Caleb and Cook, Garza, McSorely, McKay, Callaway, Paige and Giggs, Ingham and King.

TATN Conference 2014 podcast page
Speakers include: Chris Bugaj & Beth Poss, Mark Coppin & Melanie Johnson, Alex Dunn, Kelly Fonner, Dan Herilhy, Mike Marotta, Judith Schoonover, Susan Stokes, & Gail Van Tatenhove.

TATN Conference 2013 podcast page
Speakers include: Bugaj & Poss, Carl & Zabala, Halloran, Herlihy, King-DeBaun, Lewis, Marotta, McClanahan, McNear, Patton, & Wojcik

TATN Conference 2012 podcast page
Speakers include: Brown, DeCoste, Van Tatenhove, McCormick, Jackson, Mladenka, Jones, McAughan & Swaim, Johnston, and Poston Roy

TATN Conference 2011 podcast page
Speakers include: Herlihy, Hitchock, Janowski, Kovach, Van Geem, & Willkomm

TATN Conference 2010 podcast page
Speakers include: Burkhart, Durkel, Fonner, Hohulin, Kangas, Kovach, Stokes, Carl & Zabala

A.T. TIPS Cast
Assistive Technology Tools for Public Schools. Podcasts by Chris Bugaj Comprehensive podcasts for assistive technology.

AssistiveWare's Assistive Technology Webinars
Audio podcasts in a webinar series
iTunes Preview link

Accessible Instructional Materials: Simply Said
by the Pacer Center (October , 2012)

Shelby Nurse - AT that Changes Lives
A video of our friend Shelby, and how technology has changed her life.

Universal Design for Learning - CAST Webinars
Check out this page for upcoming and recorded webinars on Universal Design for Learning.

Audacity Quick Guide
Use this guide to help you produce your podcasts using a free recording program called Audacity.

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