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Assistive Technology Indicator in PEIMS Memo 

School districts in Texas are required to collect and report information to the Public Information Management System (PEIMS). If a student with a disability receives assistive technology devices or services that are included in the IEP, the PEIMS assistive technology indicator should be coded affirmatively. For detailed information...
PEIMS memo October, 2015
PEIMS Powerpoint for distribution



STAAR Resources  

Special Education Assessment (Texas Education Agency)

The admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee determines which assessment is appropriate for each student based upon his or her individual needs. In order to make this decision, ARD committees must be familiar with the statewide assessment options available to students as well as how their decisions impact a student’s academic future. If it is unclear whether a student graduates under the TAKS program or the STAAR program, contact TEA’s Student Assessment Division at 512-463-9536.


Assistive Technology in the IEP 

Click on this link to review how AT fits into the Standards-based IEP plan
Assistive Technology in the IEP



Assistive Listening Trouble Shooting Guide 

Click on the link below to download a great resource for assistive listening.
Assistive Listening Trouble Shooting Guide



Transfer of Assistive Technology 

If a school district purchases an Assistive Technology Device (ATD) for a student with a disability and that student moves to a new school or district or is graduating, the district may be willing to transfer the ATD if it is not needed by another student in the district. Transfer means that the district may sell, lease, or loan the ATD to the receiving school or school district, to a state agency, to the parents of the student, or to the student if the student has the legal capacity to enter into a contract. Transfer of ATD is governed by Texas Education Code §30.0015. and the Texas Administrative Code §89.1056..
TEA AT Uniform Transfer Agreement Form



PEIMS Data Standards 

For more general information visit the PEIMS section of the TEA website click on the following link:

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